Leadership communication

Leaders exercise leadership at several levels – both on a day-to-day basis and in situations where employees need to be involved in a new business strategy or change process. The ability to communicate in a meaningful, understandable, sufficient, and timely manner is highly important.

A leader must be true to herself but be able to compensate for personal challenges and learn to prioritize and plan. At the same time, the leader must receive the necessary support for specific communication tasks and access to relevant platforms such as video and other internal communication channels.

By creating awareness and learning about personal strengths and potential, we create a starting point for developing the most important communication skills.

At Resonans Nordic we always adapt training to the individual company's needs and market situation and equip leaders for your specific communication challenges.




Departments are split up and staff functions outsourced. Small business areas are provided with large resources and brand-new ones are acquired. Innovative digital tools are implemented. New competitors and ever-changing customer expectations mean that many companies must continuously adapt their organizations to an everchanging new reality. 

Organizational developments are often necessary, but without the right preparation, they can do more harm than good. Lacking the direct connection with a strong and common, basic narrative about the rationales behind it, the company risks making a big dent in the employees' motivation, overview, and focus.

At Resonans Nordic, we have solid experience in linking our competencies within communication to our deep insight into organizational structure, HR, and leadership. We help show direction, motivation and while creating the least possible unrest and preserving the employees' job satisfaction and efficiency.



Digital collaboration

New technologies for digital collaboration are emerging and provide the opportunity to communicate and collaborate in new ways. In most large companies, the tools have the potential to increase drastically the efficiency and quality of internal communication and collaboration. Most have already acquired well-functioning tools, but way too many of those tools collect dust.

At Resonans Nordic we implement virtual collaboration with deep insight into behaviour, communication, and change. This is why we are able to help companies with all parts of the implementation process. We identify processes with virtual potential, implement new ways of working and ensure that the changes will lead to a more effective company.




Good campaigns are targeted, creative and executed with state-of-the-art craftsmanship. At Resonans Nordic, we combine competencies in business, analysis and management with creative idea development and classic communication skills.

In this way, we can develop and design campaigns that achieve their goals. In addition to our permanent team of communicators and graphic designers, we collaborate with several external experts in film production, photography, social media, etc.



Public affairs

Conversation is the most important tool when you want to set a political agenda. At Resonans Nordic, we help you with strategies, plans and tactical support that ensure targeted dialogues with the right players.

At Resonans Nordic, we have more than 20 years of experience with Nordic cooperation, and we have a particularly deep insight into transnational decision-making in the Nordics. At the same time, we have a large network of politicians, civil servants, and interest organizations in the Nordics.



Policy making

Successful policymaking depends on the ability to get the right inputs and involve the right people. Those implementing the new policies need to be committed to the common goals and influence the journey. In this way, new policies get a solid professional base and support among the key stakeholders.

At Resonans Nordic, we help large and small organizations plan involving and focused dialogue processes. All parties know their role enabling them to participate in targeted dialogues resulting in constructive input, which will shape the future work processes. In particular, we have many years of experience of policymaking in the field of Nordic political cooperation.

We are with you every step of the way from initial research and identification of stakeholders to designing and facilitating the process to reporting conclusions and recommendations.