Let's engage

Communications · Leadership · Transformation

Resonans Nordic is an agency specialized in communications, leadership, and transformation

We help people and companies to communicate, make sense of and navigate in our unpredictable world. Together with our clients we climb barriers, execute new ideas and develop capabilities. We bring experience, empathy, and creative thinking to the table to engage people in creating a better tomorrow.

Our approach is involvement, dialogue, and honest communication. We know that the best results come when solutions create resonance between people and engage them around common goals. That is why we always develop tailored solutions based on knowledge, experience, curiosity, creativity, and close cooperation with the customer.

For two decades, we have collaborated with all types of companies and organizations in the Nordics and beyond, from small start-ups to big international businesses and governmental institutions. We are a full-service agency that can help with everything from strategies and concepts to facilitation, training and production of text, graphics, and films.